Morgan Riyami Picture

Morgan Riyami, Co-Founder

Hearing George Floyd call out for his Mama during his tragic murder on May 25, 2020, pulled new mother and passionate social justice activist, Morgan Riyami into a deeper level of racial awareness and activism.

Morgan resonates strongly with the belief that all mothers were summoned when George Floyd cried for his Mama.

Soulful Solidarity is Morgan’s way of answering this call.

Morgan has been deep diving into educating herself on living a truly anti-racist life and creating a space for others to do this powerful work as well.

A practitioner of equine facilitated life coaching and leadership development, Morgan brings a unique set of skills to the Soulful Solidarity work. Morgan’s hope is that Soulful Solidarity creates a place for individuals to recognize the role they play in white supremacy and systematic racism in an environment that nurtures their processing, encourages powerful learning and produces active allies in the continued fight for racial equality and social justice.

Denise Zirker, Co-Founder


“Stand before the people you fear and speak your mind–even if your voice shakes. When you least expect it, someone may actually listen to what you have to say.” –Maggie Kuhn

Moved to action by the political climate of 2016, Denise attended her first protest march in January 2017 in Washington, DC. Surrounded by thousands of other women inspired to speak truth to power, she began to discover her own voice and vowed to use the gift of writing and her blog, “Being Mindfully Me” to amplify women’s issues.

Denise has worked to educate herself on the intersectionality of social justice issues and currently, uses her energy to focus on creating conscious conversations that allow for personal growth in an effort to end both conscious and unconscious misogyny and racism inherent in our society.

Denise brings experience as a former teacher, business owner, mother of four, and training as a life coach to Soulful Solidarity and vows to be able to look her grandchildren in the eyes and say, “I did not stay silent” even when her voice shakes.



TeachingHorse LLC.


An executive Coach specializing in leadership development, Dr. June Gunter, continues to provide her soulful support through experiential learning and in person coaching classes on how to have conscious conversations. Beth Hyjek’s unique background in writing for the stage and screen brings an important understanding behind the power of story and narrative. Together, they’ve created TeachingHorse LLC and prepare people to lead confidently into the future by equipping participants with tools to navigate uncertainty taught through the wisdom of the horse.


Dr. Kristin Williams, Sociologist


With a lifetime of experience and passion for racial equality and social justice, Sociologist, Dr. Kristin Williams, offers an extensive amount of knowledge and academia to the Soulful Solidarity curriculum. Dr. Williams has led several classes on the history of race and racism within our country. Offering perspective supported by facts, Dr. Williams never hesitates to challenge social constructs and encourage participants to expand their minds through engaging sociology classes.


Schelli Whitehouse, Author & Business Coach


An empath and powerful coach, Schelli Whitehouse has been supporting Soulful Solidarity from the beginning through leading mindful meditations. Schelli brings her energy work and grounding presence to each Soulful Solidarity class she attends and offers valuable behind the scenes support with her expertise as a business coach.