“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

-Mahatma Gandhi


At Soulful Solidarity, we encourage everyone to participate in the dismantling of systemic racism by first addressing the racism that exists within ourselves. It is our intention to invite participants to step into this brave space of self-awareness and authenticity in order to become true anti-racist allies. We believe it is our responsibility to properly educate ourselves on the history of racism in the United States in order to be effective agents of change for our future. It is from this believe that Soulful Solidarity has created a curriculum on race, racism and how to be an authentic ally.

The Soulful Solidarity curriculum combines meditation, education and conscious conversation to not only expand the minds of our participants but also open their hearts to the invitation of manifesting a healthier world for future generations. From anti-racist story time to adult education programs, Soulful Solidarity is applicable to all levels of learning.

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I was honored to be asked to write something for this website, as I was to have been invited to join this group. In thinking about what to say, I wanted to consider what has been so valuable to me personally about the mission of Soulful Solidarity. There’s the name: Soulful, which means “expressing deep and often sorrowful feelings” and Solidarity, “mutual support based on common purpose”. Soulful Solidarity is grounded in a commitment to supporting the principle that Black Lives Matter. Not a political group, Soulful Solidarity seeks to educate people, primarily white people, who want to be allies and simply don’t know how to start. As a white, Jewish woman who came of age in the turmoil and victory of the late 60’s and early 70’s, I know I have empathy for this fight and that I am not a racist, but I am clear that this is just not enough.

The past 4 years have been eye-opening for me, particularly the last 6 months. I had rejoiced, along with so many others, when in 2008 Barack Obama was elected President, and again in 2012 when he continued to serve. I thought “this is the result of all the struggles and the work, and the start of the real healing.” It may have been naïve of me to have never expected that there would be such a passionate, frightening pushback to the very idea that a Black man would have the audacity to command the highest office in the country. But it happened and it is happening. And I need to be more than just “not racist”. I need to be anti-racist if there is to be a future for our country. But how? Soulful Solidarity is knowledge-based and grounded in compassion, a reflection of its smart and empathetic membership. It’s an organization of regular people looking to help this country heal in the only way possible: through coming together, listening and taking compassionate and powerful action. We know that “Evil thrives when good (wo)men stand by and do nothing”. It is not enough to simply not see ourselves as part of the problem. We need to be part of the solution. I heartily invite all who wish to participate in this most important venture to join us in our online educational and inspirational sessions.

Diane F. Loffmin, LPC 


Soulful Solidarity connects me to a community of beautiful differences, strengths and perspectives. What I have gained in knowledge about subtle and  systemic racism has equipped me to be a more discerning and compassionate human being. It’s a respectful and empowering space where I can be vulnerable, honest, challenged and encouraged to be a better Ally.
Blair Cuneo


Soulful Solidarity is a safe place where people can come together to explore, learn and grow in our quest to make the world a better, more just place.  Having conversations with people who are curious and open allows me to truly examine my core beliefs and behaviors around racism and equality.  I love that I can freely ask questions and have discussions around important topics like anti-racism, privilege and bias.  Being a part of Soulful Solidarity has helped me shift my perspective and allows me to move in the world in a more loving way.
Jen Reynolds